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System Announcements

  • Online Learner Workshop (Monday, January 8, 2018)

    Students who are taking an online class for the first time at COM are required to complete the Online Learner Workshop before accessing their courses. The workshop will teach you how to navigate a course in Blackboard and prepare you to succeed in your online class. 

    Register for the OLW in WebAdvisor so that you can complete it and start your online class!

  • When Will I Get Access To My Classes? (Monday, January 8, 2018)

    Courses are not available until the official start date of the class.

    You cannot log into Blackboard until you register for a class. Have you registered for the Online Learner Workshop within the past few hours? Check the Access Schedule to find out when you will get access based on when you registered. 

  • Blackboard Mobile App (Thursday, December 21, 2017)

    The Blackboard app is available for students in the AppleAndroid and Windows app stores. Download the app to access Blackboard, get grades, and participate in discussions on the go.

    (Note: We recommend you take exams and quizzes using a wired ethernet connection). 

    Blackboard Instructor is available for instructors on Android and iOS.

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